Step 1: Gather Your Media

  • Gather all your video tapes, audio tapes, films, photos and slides and fill out our easy to use order form by clicking here.

  • Print out your order confirmation and include it with your package.


Step 2: Prepare Your Media For Shipping

  • For home movie film, make sure to label the film in the order in which you would like them to appear on the DVD (i.e. Film 1, Film 2, Film 3, etc). You can write the label numbers on a post-it note and tape it to the media.

  • For photos and slides, please place them in the order in which you would like them scanned and wrap them together. For larger orders, make several small bundles of photos/slides and number the bundles in the correct order.

  • For additional copies of any tapes to DVD, simply write on a post-it-note the number of additional copies (remember, the first copy comes with the transfer service) and tape it to the video tape.

  • We recommend wrapping your media in bubble wrap to keep everything safe during shipping.

  • If you are providing us with an external hard drive or USB flash drive for your media, please make sure to include and securely wrap them with your media.


Step 3: Ship Your Media or Drop Off At Our Location

  • Use the carrier of your choice and ship to:
    Home Movie Preservation Center
    2200 N Scottsdale Rd, Ste S
    Scottsdale, AZ 85257


  • Local customers in the Phoenix Metro area (Arizona) can stop by anytime during our normal business hours to drop off their media. Click here for directions and business hours.

  • We recommend using either FedEx or UPS for shipping.


Step 4: Your Media is Professionally Preserved

  • All of your media are carefully preserved into a digital format using our state-of-the-art equipment.

  • You will receive an email once your home movies are transferred and ready to ship back to you, including tracking information for peace of mind. Local customers will receive an email and phone call when their order is ready for pickup.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Newly Preserved Home Movies and Media

  • Gather your family and friends and relive your memories on the newest media!


Thank you for choosing us for your home movie preservation needs!